Discrete manufacturing

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In discrete manufacturing precision and efficiency in the production process is key. However, often many factors can influence the success or failure of a production process and small changes in production variables can have a significant impact on the quality of the endpart and the efficiency of the production process. This makes the right choice of the production variable intervals extremely important. If chosen to wide varying quality of the end product and production anomalies will appear more frequently, which would lead to higher rejection rates and thus higher production costs. If chosen to narrow, the cost of production and the production time may increase significantly.

The problem is that the production process has often a large number of adjustable variables and production anomalies don’t appear often enough to deploy big data analytics and optimization systems. This means companies are often left with the traditional route cause investigation which can take months.

data processing

Quick solution

xT SAAM helps you to find correlations and to build human-understandable models from small data sets, as little as 15 data points. This allows you to analyze and mitigate production anomalies in only a couple of minutes and find the fitting production variable intervals for your needs.

The integrated JSON API allows the direct connection between xT SAAM and your existing MES system, database or machine. This allows xT SAAM to develop and refine its models automatically as soon as new data points arrive. This gives you control over your production process in almost real time.

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