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Exponential Technologies revolutionary R&D data science platform allows you to go from idea to product faster than ever. Reduce real-life experiments, iterate faster and get the most out of your data.

Improve product performance by 100%

xT SAAM helps you to do more with less

SAAM is your smart research companion. Speed up your research process. Keep all your data clean, connected and stored in one place.

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“The xT team is a pleasure to work with – extremely intelligent, dedicated, and accommodating. We look forward to a long- term relationship where we utilize their software.”


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xT SAAM streamlines and intelligently guides you through your product development. Collect and analyse clean & tidy data – allowing you to make better and faster decisions.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Replace your design of experiments with AI & ML assisted development. xT SAAM best-in-class algorithms require significantly less data than other methods.

  • As you develop, xT SAAM will suggest how to improve your experiment
  • Take into account all data in your optimization (availability, price, historical performance)
  • Reduce time and number of needed experiments to reach results
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Data Management

Keep your experimental data in one place. Connect to other systems to take into account all relevant data in your R&D.

  • Easily connect with API to any other system you have
  • Remove the pain of different spreadsheets, outdated lab notebooks, etc.
  • With information accessible across the platform you can reduce rework and focus on innovative experiments


With all your data in one place, SAAM can turn it into insights. Leverage visualizations, custom reports, and predictive models to accelerate your innovation.

  • Historical data can be plotted and filtered in interactive visualizations
  • View, analyze and report on all historical R&D work
  • Combine all your data with traceability for root cause analysis, predictive modeling, and more

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