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We at Exponential Technologies Ltd. have created the next generation of research enabling software.

 Our AI-driven Design of Experiment (DoE)  software allows users to conduct successful experiments and data analysis faster and easier than ever before. The integrated Research Management System (RMS) helps to order your experimental data. 

Find process/machine parameters and material composition and many other parameter types without the need of statistical knowledgexT smart_DoE can be applied in a wide range of industrial applications, like additive manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, biotech and many more. 

Start the 5th industrial revolution with us now!


Innovate your material portfolio

Our software solution works for all types of machines, materials and processes, and allows you to find process parameters, new material recipes, material properties and more.

Be 10x faster

Enabling users to find process parameters and new material properties and other parameter sets in a fraction of the time compared to classical approaches.

Organize your research

The high level organization functions allow a fast overview over all ongoing research projects and their progress. Interesting results can be shared organization wide and used for later research.

Here are our currently available solutions

Cloud solution for single users and enterprises
Edge computing solution for on-premise installation

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Most frequent questions and answers

The user of xT smart_DoE doesn’t require any statistical knowledge for the process parameter optimization or the material recipe development. The integrated artificial intelligence is finding the right process and material parameters with the assistance of the human user, without the need of the user to do any statistical analysis.

Additionally, by using our highly effective AI algorithm, xT smart_DoE is faster than any other DoE software on the market. Typically, a result is found within 30-100 samples.

We are using a process called incremental reinforcement learning. Our unique algorithm is specifically designed to work with small data sets. This allows the user better results with fewer samples.

xT edge is our edge computing solution, that is allowing xT smart_DoE to be integrated directly into your companies network. We understand that many enterprises want to keep their data on premises, that is why we developed xT edge. The hardware device is a plug-and-play device that easily can be integrated into your network and allows the usage of xT smart_DoE organization wide.

xT edge doesn’t need external internet connection to work.

There are many more applications for xT smart_DoE, like additive manufacturing, CNC milling, chemicals production, pharmaceuticals, biotech and many many more.