Press release – Industrial AI startup Exponential Technologies receives investment from APX

Berlin, Germany (13 April 2021) Exponential Technologies (xT), a German-Latvian startup, has attracted a pre-seed investment from Berlin based VC fund APX to expand its presence in German industrial sector. “Being a global industrial powerhouse, my home country Germany was always one of our major focus markets. Now, the investment by APX further strengthens this […]

Case study – Production Anomaly Management in the Chemical Industry

How to manage and avoid quality issues and production anomalies in the chemical industry and beyond. A Swiss chemical company producing a chemical intermediate product which should be a white powdery substance had the problem that the white powder occasionally had a brown discoloration. This discoloration was not affecting the properties of the substance, however, […]

White paper – Combinatorial optimization of mixture compositions

R&D processes in chemistry, pharmaceuticals and material science often involve the development of novel formulations. These mixtures often consist of several functional groups. Each of these functional groups are made up of different chemicals and compounds that fulfill the same or similar functions within the mixture compositions. One example for this are creams. Creams usually […]