Why invest?

We are a high growth company at the forefront of small data AI and advanced process control software development. Our cutting-edge technology will provide innovations in such fields as sustainable food, biopharmaceuticals, smart materials. And it will also enable future endeavours of space mining.

Here are 5 reasons why we are a smart investment choice

  • Our business model and business processes are easily scalable

  • Due to scarcity of resources and growing population, the future profit margins of all manufacturing (bio, chemical and mechanical) will rely on the efficacy of industrial R&D – this is exactly where we create value

  • AI will play an integral role in industry digitization and automation for the upcoming decades

  • Our growth is driven by constant innovation and optimization of sales channels while retaining high margins

  • Our focus lies on three business verticals: Additive Manufacturing, Specialty Chemicals and Biotech

  • We have access to necessary expertise and competences in order to develop and deliver new products that enhance the work and output of engineers, chemists and biologists

  • Simultaneously operating in these business sectors allows us to spread the entrepreneurial risks for our shareholders

  • We have a unique and proprietary intellectual property developed in-house

  • We’ve surrounded ourselves by an innovation ecosystem, sourcing the required competences and resources from reciprocal relationships with local universities and research institutes, large corporations, public sector and start-up communities

  • Deploying a cloud-based product development has allowed us to work with professionals from all over the world. For us, it means building a team where the merit of an idea and the ability to deliver matter the most. For our clients, it means getting access to world class expertise and products

  • We have received a number of public R&D grants

  • In less than a year we have established contractual relationships with many industry leaders

  • We have paid pilots and subscription customers

  • Product and pricing model is industry validated

  • A member of X-Europe deep-tech incubator

  • We won the start-up challenge of Formnext 2019, the world’s leading expo for the future of advanced manufacturing

  • At the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic we won multiple online hackathons, including the Europe’s biggest one, #EUvsVirus

  • We were ranked among Top 20% start-ups by EarlyMetrics

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